Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Watercolor Kirby

As I mentioned in my euphoria this morning, my cousin Nancy Colby is a brilliant watercolor artist. Every time I see one of her paintings, I am in awe at how she can take a blank canvas and turn it!

Over the years, she has immortalized Kirby's "brother", Caesar the cat...Kirby's belligerent "sister", Sarah the cat...and our beloved kitty, Squeak, who went off to Rainbow Bridge long before she could ever meet the famous Kirby. Rest assured, however...Squeak would not have liked our big hairy drool factory very much.

Not only is Nancy incredibly gifted, she also works as a volunteer with a local animal rescue group near her home in Florida. Animal rescue is something that's very near and dear to many of us. Fur persons can't do much to stick up for themselves when they're being abused or neglected...and anyone who does something to help them is a-okay in my book. Kirby and the kitties would agree.

Nancy does work for EARS. You can visit their site here:

I'll show you some of the incredible work she's done on Kirby's "brother and sisters" if you indulge me for a few minutes.

First was Caesar. We call him the Crabby Tabby. He's quite the boy. Handsome, manly, but with pink cuddly toes and a super sweet disposition ONLY for his momma. One day I caught Caesar sleeping in his window seat in our apartment in Orange County, California:

And here is Caesar checking out the painted version, which Nancy gave us as a wedding gift:

There is a charity art auction coming up and she has painted Kirby for it. Kirby's painting will be judged in a competition first...and then the auction will begin. I can't wait to hear about the reaction it gets.

Nancy's husband, Bob, is quite a sweet man and he has a very creative side as well. Nancy lets Bob name all of her paintings when they're done. I am about to present to you the painting entitled "Someone day dinner?"

Here is the picture of Kirby that I feature in a previous blog:

And this, ladies and gentleman, is "Someone say Dinner?" by Nancy Colby:

There just aren't words for how proud I am to have an artist for a cousin. She's fan-freak'in-tastic! I can't wait to get a print of this.

In the meantime, if you'd like to see more of Nancy's amazing work please visit her website here: Watercolors by Colby

You can also make a donation to EARS by clicking HERE  

Kirby doesn't have her own charitable site yet...but if she keeps averaging 55 pounds of food every 3 weeks, we may have to. :-) I'm just joking!!!! I'm not gonna be ask'in anybody for money. We can take care of our big eater just fine. LOL

I can't wait to hear what y'all think of this painting, so make sure you leave a comment!

Also, I have placed a "Cats by Colby" button in the sidebar on the right. It will remain there permanently. If you ever want to immortalize one of your pets, I highly recommend that you contact Nancy. Her prices are quite affordable and her quality of work is...well, you've seen for yourself. It's amazing!!!

Nancy, I thank you...and Miss Kirby thanks you.

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