Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My wet

Ever since I got home, I've been working upstairs in our home office on a variety of tasks. Of course, I did spend the obligatory "Mommy, you're home!" time with Kirby and the kitties...that's a given. I'm not allowed to do anything until I've handed out some ear rubs.

I always feel guilty if I haven't gone downstairs after a few hours...because I know there are quite a few fur persons down there who would love constant attention. Tonight, however, I was so focused that I didn't stop working for quite a long time.

I did eventually go downstairs to get a diet soda. When I went downstairs, I found a big 80 pound pile of fur on the couch. It opened an eye and I swear I heard Dr. Frankenstein chanting "It's ALIIIIVE!!!" LOL All I did was smile and the tail started wagging.

I gave many many big hugs and muzzle kisses at that point. I refilled my glass, I checked on the kitties, etc. I had to come back upstairs, though, and get some more things done. Well, that's what I thought was going to happen.

I went back to my computer and, before I knew it, thump thump thump. Here comes Kirby up the stairs. :-) She was walking around up here, as she does sometimes, smelling everything like she's never smelled it before. All of a sudden, SLURP! My elbow is instantly covered in drool.

I wiped it off, patted Kirby's head, at turned back to my computer.


Wet elbow again. The lesson here is...there is no denying this little girl when she wants more than a casual pat on the head. I turned my whole chair around and gave her a big hug and she just sort of...let her whole body slide down on my foot and then she gave up the belly. Message sent, message received. :-) I spent a good 15 minutes rubbing the square footage of her huge belly, scratching her head, rubbing her ears, shaking her paw, and giving her more hugs.

Of course, she started a trend...and I ended up being required to rub a few cat bellies and hold a 17 pound crabby 'ol tabby too...but that's okay. For a while there I forgot who I really work for and I had to be humbled. :-) At least now everyone is happy...and my elbow is finally dry.

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