Friday, March 13, 2009

There's a growing cow in my house...

I got home today and was greeted at the door by a 75 pound beautiful hairy princess of a dog. Kirby the St. Bernard puppy was happy to see me.

As I puttered around the house, I kept laughing...and she kept sticking her nose in everything. And I realized that she is now so tall that we are in a LOT of trouble. LOL

Kirby can walk up to the kitchen counter and take whatever she wants. She can get her head even FARTHER back on the bathroom countertops. If I spend too much time on the computer, she rumbles upstairs and licks my elbow until I give in and pet her. LOL. In fact, she just interupted the typing of this blog for more "mommy snuggles".

She is growing into a cow before my eyes. She is the reason we're getting a step trash can with a lid this payday. LOL. She has figured out how to work her Daddy into giving up a piece of his dinner if she bats her long eyelashes long enough. She is learning to manipulate any given situation. :-)

Even so, I just love this dog. She is so much fun and so easy to love. She just wants to please us all the time. She'll do anything for Kevin and me. And God forbid if she sees Kevin and I hugging each other...she turns into "the incredible stampeding cow". She has to get in the middle of it. She can't stand love being handed out if she's not in the middle of it. LOL

It may be time to hang a sign over the porch that reads "Welcome to the Stauber Family Farm". We already have a cow...why not? :-)


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