Monday, March 23, 2009

Saints make GREAT lap dogs!

Kevin and I had a great day at home together yesterday. We took Kirby to the dog park, we went to Home Depot and got a ton of plants for the yard, we spent time out in the sun together...planting and weeding.

When we came in for the day, we had a very needy St. Bernard who was not at all happy that we went outside without her. Kevin thought it would be okay to turn Kirby into a lap dog...but it backfired on him. :-)

As you watch this video, pay special attention to the segment at the end. Turn your speakers up, listen carefully..right after I tell Kirby to "say Hi" near the end of the video. You will hear a very non-dainty burp...and it didn't come from Kevin.

He and I were both cracking up. LOL


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