Saturday, July 25, 2009

Best Friends, for sure

We had a bit of a scare last week: Hemi, our littlest kitty and Kirby's best pal, was panting uncontrollably for no apparent reason. I called the vet and they wanted me to rush her in, so we tucked her in the cat carrier and whisked her away.

It turns out it was nothing. They checked her for tumors, took her temperature, and x-rayed her to be safe. Nothing wrong with her. The assumption is that she got a hold of something that bit a bug, which is totally like Hemi because she's my little bug hunter.

When I brought her back home, Kevin informed me that Kirby was an absolute mess while we were gone. She cried...she paced...she wanted to know what was wrong with her little buddy.

This friendship is absolutely adorable to me. Hemi was a whopping 6 pounds when we brought Kirby home. Thanks to lots of laying around in the sun on the window sills, Hemi weighed in at 10 pounds at the vet's office. But she's still a very tiny kitty...with a big round belly. If only there were cat sized treadmills.

When I pulled up in the driveway with Hemi in the car, Kirby was looking out the window at me with a decidedly upset expression on her furry face. I brought the cat carrier in the house, laid it down, and unzipped the front to let a very indignant Hemi out of her prison. She sprung out of it, meowing incessantly, and ran forward a few steps. Then she heard Kirby whine a little and she turned...and walked right up to Kirby and rubbed her head under Kirby's chin. "Hello, friend...I'm back. Thanks for worrying about me."

Kirby towers over little Hemi. Hemi, with her tail sticking straight up, can walk under Kirby and not touch the top of her tail to Kirby's tummy. But when she wants to express her love for her giant friend, Hemi stands up on her hind legs and rubs her little head under Kirby's chin. And we can always tell when she's done it...because her head is usually wet with drool. LOL.

These two sleep near each other, they look out for each other, and they even play together. They are true pals...and I think our little scare brought them even closer together. Today Kirby had a bit of an upset tummy and got sick (I won't elaborate, as it's gross). Hemi followed Kirby around, chirping like a little worried bird, fretting over why Kirby wasn't well. Once Kirby felt better and laid down, Hemi took up watch on the ottoman where she had a good view of her friend. Then they both fell asleep and I sat in the chair, grinning at them both like the big sucker that I am.