Thursday, April 2, 2009

Celebrity happens in the oddest places

Hubby warned me that our little bean killer would be nuts when I got home today. He didn't have the time to take Kirby to the dog park she was saving all that pent up puppy energy just for me. :-) I got home and, sure enough, I couldn't even look through my mail. First she brought me the giant tennis ball, then she brought me the pink tug 'o war rings, then she brought me the floppy cow. The message was clear: I require entertainment. NOW!!! LOL

Kirby hasn't quite yet mastered the game of fetch. She's got the part down where she chases the ball, but she thinks it's much more fun to run right up to you like she's bringing it back and then VROOM! Drive by! She runs right by you with the ball in her mouth. So, try as I did, I could not play a productive game of fetch with this girl...because she was too excited to drop it. It was still light outside, so I took her to the dog park.

She romped and played with the few dogs who were there and had a great workout, as always. She met many humans who were so happy to meet her they didn't care that they'd just been drooled on. When we left a half hour later, we were both I thought...Sonic?

Kirby's first exposure to Sonic was the night she graduated from puppy school at Petsmart. As a reward for her graduation, Kevin and I took her to Sonic and got her a hamburger (without all the dressing and goo, of course). She LOVED it. Since then, it's something we do for her occasionally as a "good girl treat".

We hadn't been for a while, so I took her...and she was so amped up from the dog park that she would park at each of the little car hop girls as they went by. It was as if she was saying "Burger! NOW!!!" LOL They would all smile and wave at her and I would smile apologetically. Finally, it was our turn and we got our burgers. The little 90 pound high school girl who was our car hop looked absolutely blown away at this extremely large cow in my back seat. (The back seat of my COMPACT car, no less.)

The girl smiled and told me what a cute dog I have and I thanked her...and explained that she's still a PUPPY. LOL. That's when all the questions started. At this point, Kirby could smell the burgers in the bag I'd just been handed...and drool was pouring out of her mouth and onto my shoulder. It's a...well, it's an unpleasant experience but sometimes it's worth going through to see the shock on people's faces.

I asked her for a child sized cup of water and she went in to get it. When she came back out, she was leading a parade of Sonic employees...all with astonished smiles on their faces as they waved at Kirby through the windshield. Kirby looked like she was going to start eating my seats.

I gave her some water, half of which ended up on me, and took the burger out of the bag. She was 110% focused on that burger in my hand. I held it up so the Sonic employees could see it and then I held it juuuuust back enough so that Kirby understood it was ok to grab it.

FLOOF! Gone. She opened her mouth to take it and the entire burger disappeared in her mouth. She laid down on the back seat and started chewing happily. The astonished group of Sonic employees actually burst into applause. LOL

A few more questions to answer and I was on my way. I hadn't even pulled out of the parking lot yet and Kirby was already done with her burger. A very loud, very wet, rolling belch emanated from the back seat. That's Kirby talk for "That was GOOOOOOD!"

So Kirby has yet another fan club. Her extended family at Petsmart, all her pals at the dog park, people on the dang HIGHWAY...and now...the employees at our local Sonic. And Miss Kirby loves them right back. Especially their plain and dry Sonic burgers.

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