Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kirby doctor

I have been remiss about updating everyone on the latest and greatest in the land of drool (aka MY house). The family has been through a few rollercoaster bumps lately, including the fact that I don't have a job anymore...but we're doing okay and are still better off than many others in these trying times.

I decided to get healthier since I have all this time on my I am eating less and moving more. It seems that Miss Kirby is in agreement with my decision and is determined to do whatever she can in order to help me to my goal.

Just this morning, I made myself a very healthy breakfast. I decided to eat upstairs in our home office and catch up on emails and bills at the same time.

Kirby sat in the kitchen as I prepared my tasty breakfast, patiently observing my every move. Obviously, this was not in the hopes that I would drop a piece of turkey bacon or accidentally throw a piece of whole grain toast her way. My 110 pound wonder puppy would NEVER think with her stomach like that! No, I am certain that she was diligently observing my efforts to ensure that I was sticking with my plan. I thought that was where her dedication ended, but I was sorely mistaken.

As I walked upstairs with my plate in hand, she was right there beside me. No, she didn't tip the plate or sneak food from it with her enormous tongue. She knows better than to do something like that. we walked upstairs together, every time she pushed herself up another step...she farted. The kind of tight, squeaky farts that bring to mind an old lady in too tight pantyhose. You know what I mean.

Step. Fart. Step. Fart. Step. Faaart.

By the time we reached the top of the stairs, I was struggling to hold on to the plate and not buckle over in hysterics. She is the first dog I've ever had who is completely unaware of her own gastrointestinal pyrotechnics. It was hysterical and gross all at the same time.

I wonderful is this dog to sacrifice her desire to steal my bacon in order to launch strategically placed farts that will, no doubt, repulse me into not wanting to eat my breakfast? Pretty dang wonderful, I'd say. That's our Kirby: always thinking of others. :-)

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