Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ho Ho Ho!

This blog has been shamefully left alone for too long. I apologize to anyone still checking it and will try my best not to let it happen again. I still get tons of inquiries as to how our large and in charge "mahogany flash" is doing. LOL.

Kirby is fine as always and is, in every sense of the word, sheer JOY itself. There is nothing that does not delight her big love-filled heart.

Today I am smiling especially wide because we took her to Petsmart to see Santa for the second time in her young life. Last year she was just 6 months old and already too big for Santa's lap. He had to get on the floor with her...

So today we took her back to Petsmart and Santa REMEMBERED her from last year. Everyone, as always, was overjoyed to see her. We love our local Petsmart.

Anyway, as we were posing her I realized...hmm...same Santa Claus, but...does he look a little SMALLER? Or is Kirby really that much bigger? LOL.

Yeah...she's THAT much bigger. Here is our Christmas baby:

There is nothing Christmasy about joy and love when you experience it all year round with a dog like this in your life. Look at that smile. :-)

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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