Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Joy, joy, joy!

It's 8:30 am and I've just dropped Kirby off at Doggie Day Camp at Petsmart. The Texas summer weather is now officially too much for Miss Kirby. It is too hot for our baby to play outside anymore, so I took her for some air conditioned play time at Petsmart. They put all the big doggies in a room together with an attendant and let 'em go crazy. She will LOVE that.

This is her first time at Doggie Day Camp and the Petsmart staff had to evaluate her to make sure she's social. (snicker!) This is the most social dog I've ever seen in my lifetime. LOL. She passed with flying colors, of course. The girls at the front counter jokingly told her "Kirby, I think you need to be more social..."

Now that I'm home without her, the cats are looking at me as if to say "Where's our dog?" Well, Hemi and Caesar look like they're asking that. Sarah looks as if she's saying "GOOD! You finally got rid of the 100 pound drool machine!" Sarah has never liked doggies...she only tolerates them.

Since it's her first time at Doggie Day Camp, I'm going to go back at 10:30 am to pick her up. That way the car won't be super hot when she gets in it. And she'll be tuckered out for sure. LOL.

When they came around the counter to get her, she didn't even look back at me. She was so excited to be somewhere she just went along with them. What a little boob. "Mommy? Who's Mommy?? Let's GO!"

What a weenie. :-)

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