Saturday, May 23, 2009


I have been remiss in keeping up the Kirby blog. I've been looking for jobs, going on interviews, and trying to avoid financial destruction. LOL. We're doing okay right now, so I have a minute to write.

I was home alone the other day and let Kirby out in the backyard for a while, as I often do. She usually walks along the fence line first and sniffs the permimeter of the yard...then disappears to smell every blade of grass. LOL. So I was doing dishes in the kitchen and turned around to see this flash of mahogany and white fur FLY by the sliding door. LOL. I stood there a minute and she came back the other way. She was BOUNCING. I've never seen anything like was nothing but pure JOY. She was bouncing around the yard, running one way and then the other...with a giant fire log in her mouth. LOL.

We have a woodpile in the backyard, of course, because we have cold winters and enjoy having a fire in the fireplace. Kirby imagines that the woodpile is actually her toy bin. While smaller doggies have to limit themselves to play with tiny sticks, our gentle giant knows no boundaries. Stick? pffft! A firelog is her fetch toy. LOL. She goes over to that pile and sniffs them all out like she's shoe shopping at Macy's. Then she picks her favorite and starts bouncing.

I smile ear to ear everytime she does it. I stop what I'm doing and I just watch her. It's the best description of pure joy I can think of. That's our Kirby...the joyous one.

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